Oilapalooza 2019

Oilapalooza 2019Oilapalooza 2019 frog pin

Oilapalooza is the Oiled Wildlife Care Network's biennial conference where our member organizations come together to exchange updates and developments on the first day, followed by a full day of hands-on training sessions on the second day. This year's conference is on October 16-17 in Arcata, California.

Keep an eye on this page for live updates from the conference: 


8:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 Welcome - Tom Cullen, video address (CDFW-OSPR)
8:45 CDFW-OSPR Updates - Greg McGowan (CDFW-OSPR)
9:00 OWCN Updates - Danene Birtell/Curt Clumpner/Kyra Mills (OWCN)
9:30 Retrospective: California Oil Spills - Randy Imai (CDFW-OSPR, retired)
9:50 New OWCN Member Organization: The Wild Neighbors Database Project - Rachel Avilla and Devin Dombrowski (OWRMD)
9:55 Oiled Wildlife Planning Summit - Diana Gailband (SeaWorld)

Oilapalooza 2019 morning collage

10:30 Natural Oil Seeps: What's the Deal? - Laird Henkel (CDFW-OSPR/MWVCRC)
10:50 Individual Oiled Animals: Past, Present, and Future - Lorraine Barbosa (OWCN)
11:10 Tribal Involvement in Oil Spills - Anna Burkholder (CDFW-OSPR)
11:30 Summary of Current NOAA Unusual Mortality Events in CA - Justin Greenman (NOAA Fisheries)
11:50 New OWCN Member Organization: San Diego Humane Society - Project Wildlife - Lauren DuBois
11:55 Oiled Wildlife Planning Summit Workgroup Update: Training Program Development - Diana Kramer (The Marine Mammal Center)

Oilapalooza 2019 late morning session

1:00 Oiled Sea Turtle Response and Rehabilitation: Lessons Learned from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - Cara Field (The Marine Mammal Center)
1:20 Sea Otters 101: Ecological and Physiological Considerations for Spill Response - Colleen Young (CDFW-OSPR/MWVCRC)
1:40 A New Approach to Treating Avian Botulism - January Bill/Marie Travers (Bird Ally X)
2:00 Effects of Dextrose on Survival of Cole Seabirds - Nancy Anderson (OWCN)
2:20 New OWCN Member Organizations: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
2:45 Oiled Wildlife Planning Summit Workgroup Update: Evidence Collection & Handling - Cori Gibble (CDFW-OSPR)

Oilapalooza frog hat in afternoon

3:00 Oiled Wildlife Preparedness in Australia - Lee Mould (Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre)
3:20 Managing Responders' Mental Wellness in Oil Spill Response - Bridey White, remote (Massey University, New Zealand)
3:40 The Swans of Rotterdam - A Case Study - Jenny Schlieps (Focus Wildlife)
4:00 Lil Spills in the Hood - Recent Oiled Wildlife Responses in Cali - Curt Clumpner (OWCN)
4:20 Secondary Response Overview: Deterrents and Pre-Emptive Capture - Panel

Oilapalooza 2019 evening session