Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Committee

The OWCN Advisory Board provides recommendations to the Administrator of the Office of Spill Prevention and Response regarding the operation, maintenance and fulfillment of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network's mission.

Advisory Board members are appointed for three-year terms, and represent the oil industry, wildlife rehabilitation organizations, academia and other research institutions. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service, and OSPR staff participate as ex-officio members.


Advisory Board Members

John Berge, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association
JD Bergeron, International Bird Rescue
Jeff Boehm, The Marine Mammal Center
Joseph Cobb, Berry Petroleum

James Farner, BNSF Railway
Kirsten Gilardi, Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center; UC Davis
Richard Golightly, Department of Wildlife, Humboldt State University

J. Gregory Massey, SAS Institute Inc.
Jonna Mazet, One Health Institute; UC Davis
Matt Rezvani, C
Florina Tseng, Wildlife Clinic, Tufts University
Pam Yochem, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

Ex-Officio Board Members

Tom Cullen, Administrator, CDFW-OSPR
Julie Yamamoto, CDFW-OSPR
Laird Henkel, CDFW-OSPR
Holly Gellerman, CDFW-OSPR
Justin Viezbicke, National Marine Fisheries Service
Damian Higgins, U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee includes scientifically qualified individuals from academia, the oil industry, rehabilitation organizations and other research institutions. The Committee evaluates the scientific merit and quality of research and technology development proposals competing for grant funds.

The committee may also advise the OWCN Director of applicable research areas for prioritization and presentation to the Advisory Board. Scientific Advisory Committee members are appointed for three-year terms.

scientific advisory committee for OWCN

Scientific Advisory Committee Members

Erik D. DeMicco, PhD, ExxonMobil
Rebecca Duerr, DVM, MPVM, PhD, International Bird Rescue
Tracey Goldstein, PhD, USAID
Frances M.D. Gulland, Vet MB, PhD, Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center; UC Davis
David Jessup, DVM, MPVM, CDFW-OSPR, Retired
Erica Miller, DVM, Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research Inc.

John Perrine, PhD, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Robert Poppenga, DVM, PhD, California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab; UC Davis

Cynthia Smith, DVM, National Marine Mammal Foundation
Julie Yamamoto, PhD, CDFW-OSPR
Pam Yochem, DVM, PhD, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute